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University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)

The University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) "solicits student opinions on all aspects of the UC experience… covers most aspects of students' academic and co-curricular experience…[and] collects information about student behavior – their study habits and how they use their time." More information on the survey can be found here. UCUES is administered biennially in the spring of even years to all undergraduates in the University of California system.

Survey Instrument

Survey Data

  • 2018 UCUES Data - UC Merced Report - Coming Soon!
  • 2016 UCUES Data - UC Merced Report
  • You can also visit the University of California Office of the President Info Center UCUES page, which allows you to examine data from each UC campus and filter the data by several student characteristics.

Historical UCUES Data

2014 UCUES Data: The 2014 survey response rate for UC Merced was 36% (1947/5435) overall, which includes both partial and complete responses. The response rates by class were as follows: 33% of Freshmen (458 of 1369), 32% of Sophomores (400 of 1240), 33% of Juniors (395 of 1180), and 42% of Seniors (694 of 1646). Please click the individual links below to view UC Merced respondent summaries for questions in each of the following content areas: