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Survey Data

UC Merced Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRDS) assists units across campus that administer surveys to students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The primary focus of the surveys administered by IRDS is UC Merced students.

Below you will find materials designed to help you:

  • Understand what surveys are conducted to collect student data
  • Access student survey data relevant to your needs
  • Plan for additional data collection.

Annual Campus Surveys

Student Survey Data

Use the following links to access student survey instruments, annual reports, and longitudinal data:

Planning for a Survey

IRDS is one of several resources on campus that can help plan your survey. IRDS will consider requests for assistance with the development and analysis of surveys conducted by academic departments, committees/task forces, and administrative units as time and schedule permit. Surveys with a broad institutional purpose, and those required by external governmental and accrediting bodies, are given first priority. Surveys considered to have a broad institutional purpose are those (a) needed for institutional planning and goal-setting/evaluation and (b) for which the results will be used by more than one unit on campus. Assistance with external projects (e.g., grant-related projects) conducted by University of California, Merced faculty and staff may also be considered.

IRDS offers consultation on research design, question wording, survey design, survey administration, as well as data tabulation and analysis. In addition, IRDS can provide direct support (question writing, web programming, administration, and analysis), for a limited number of other surveys from University offices. All direct support requests will be reviewed by IRDS leadership with priority given to surveys with a clear broad institutional need (defined above). Due to staffing limitations, IRDS may have to deny or postpone requests for assistance if time does not permit or for surveys that do not meet these criteria. Please contact us at to schedule a consultation.

Survey Coordination and Additional Survey Resources at UC Merced

Beginning in January 2016, UC Merced launched a campus-wide initiative to coordinate survey activity. The goals of this survey coordination effort are to help campus staff, faculty, and students:

  • Use surveys to gather quality data;
  • Time survey administration to minimize concurrent surveying of the same population;
  • Make the most of existing survey data, including, as appropriate, developing a repository of survey instruments and reports for the benefit of the entire campus community; and
  • Promote survey practices that adhere to relevant policies and regulations.

IRDS encourages campus departments who wish to administer surveys to support this effort by visiting the Survey Coordination webpage to learn more about the initiative. The webpage also provides resources to support the development of quality surveys.