Business Intelligence & Decision Support

BIDS is responsible for designing and delivering solutions to business problems using a combination of the operational data store (ODS), campus data warehouse (CDW) and business intelligence frameworks (Cognos BI).   BIDS also supports the campus by managing the CDW, providing data access, supporting staff report development, and providing data education and training.  


Business Intelligence - Cognos

During the Fall of 2014, a new version of Congos Business Intelligence (version 10.2.1) was introduced. One of the highlights is the availablity of Cognos Workspace Advanced to the entire campus. Workspace Advanced is an ad hoc query tool that allows end users access to advanced filtering, complex calculations, and visualizations.

Campus Data Warehouse

In the Spring of 2014, the UC Merced Data Warehouse Team successfully launched an Enrollment Data Mart. A demonstration of the data mart, using Cognos reporting tools, was presented to a campus stakeholders, including the AVC for Enrollment Management, CIO and other campus leaders. The data mart will allow report writers and analysts to examine enrollment trends from the campus' opening in Fall 2005 onward.

Progress on the Admissions Data Mart continues with the completion of the functional specifications. After the technical team reviews the specifications development will begin. The addition of the Admissions data mart, and its linkages with the Enrollment data mart, will allow more comprehensive analyses of student progress and experience at UCM.